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Driving Renewable Energy Excellence

At ODS, we are more than just the combination of expertise and collaboration. We are the result of a shared vision and a long track record of success in the development and permitting of renewable energy projects across multiple countries and geographies. Our partnership between ONE SOLAR and IBERENERGY brings together not only complementary synergies but also a wealth of experience.


ONE SOLAR, with its strong technology background, excels in design optimization and modeling skills, specifically focused on reducing Levelized Operating Expenses (LOE) and Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOS). Led by Eduardo Aguilar, CEO at One Solar, our team combines technical prowess with a deep commitment to achieving optimal project outcomes. We are dedicated to delivering maximum value through our projects.


IBERENERGY, on the other hand, brings decades of practical experience in grid connections engineering and construction. This expertise is a crucial complement to our origination and project development activities. Under the leadership of Salvador Albertos, CEO at Iberenergy, our team leverages their extensive knowledge to seamlessly integrate renewable energy projects into the grid.


Together, we form a formidable force in the renewable energy sector, with a shared mission to offer unparalleled project development services. Our strong foundation in development and permitting, coupled with our expertise in technology, grid connections, and project optimization, positions us as a trusted partner for renewable energy projects worldwide.


Meet the Inspiring People

Our success is further driven by the exceptional talent within our subsidiary teams. Working in coordination with our local partners, they bring valuable experience and country-specific knowledge to the table. This collaborative approach allows us to provide customized solutions and maximum efficiency for your projects. Our team comprises the best energy and storage engineers, designers, energy and financial modelers, energy developers, grid experts, urbanists, and environmentalists.

Eduardo Aguilar

Co Founder

Salvador Albertos

Co Founder

Track record in our 20 years of experience

Origination and development of Greenfield projects
Preparation of projects for submission to auctions
Services to projects under development
Services related to construction

Trackrecord of 3,7 GW

Pipeline (GW)
Quality and trust

Driving Engineering and Development Excellence

At ODS, we take pride in our in-house engineering and development team. With unmatched expertise, they ensure that every aspect of your project is meticulously planned and executed. From conceptualization to delivery, our team is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to navigate complex challenges and deliver innovative, sustainable solutions.

Join us on our journey as we lead the way in renewable energy excellence. Together, we can build a greener future powered by expertise, collaboration, and a relentless commitment to innovation.

The company

ODS was born from the sinergy, friendship and collaboration for many years, of two leading companies in the renewable energy sector to offer the market the maximum potential in project development services in the field.

Our strong technology background, design optimization and modelling skills focused on LOE & LCOS reduction, delivers maximum value to our projects

Eduardo Aguilar | CEO at One Solar

We have decades of practical experience in grid connections Engineering and Construction, which are a key complement to our origination and Project Development activities

Salvador Albertos | CEO at Iberenergy