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Pioneers in Multi-Technology Solutions

Seize the power to shape the future of our planet. Customize your photovoltaic project to align with the grid’s evolving needs. At ODS, we empower you to optimize your existing resources and amplify grid connection capabilities through our cutting-edge hybridization models and extensive multi-technology expertise.

Renewables 3.0 is already here

What we offer

At ODS, we are dedicated energy developers with a strong focus on promoting and developing renewable energy and energy storage projects. What sets us apart is our expertise in technology, energy markets, and advanced project modeling, allowing us to optimize every project for the best possible energy performance, lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), and Levelized Cost of Storage (LCOS). This ensures our clients achieve the highest return on investment.

Throughout the entire life cycle of a project, from inception to construction management, we provide comprehensive services and unwavering commitment. Our team of experts brings extensive industry knowledge and experience to deliver successful project implementation and long-term sustainability.

With ODS as your partner, you can trust that your renewable energy and energy storage projects will be meticulously planned, efficiently executed, and designed to maximize cost-efficiency. We are here to guide you on the path to a greener, more sustainable future.

Our mission

Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future

At ODS, our mission is centered around engaging with local stakeholders and communities to create a lasting positive impact. We believe in open communication, fostering dialogue, and actively involving communities in the development and integration of our projects and technologies. By understanding the unique needs and aspirations of each territory, we strive to achieve the best possible integration and deliver maximum value to the local community.

Protecting our World and tackling the pressing challenges of the Climate Crisis

Our DNA is deeply rooted in protecting our world and tackling the pressing challenges of the Climate Crisis. We are driven by a shared commitment to accelerate the energy transition towards a decarbonized future, ensuring a sustainable planet for future generations. By deploying the latest clean renewable technologies, we actively contribute to reducing carbon emissions and building a resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem.

Connecting Quality Projects with Like-minded Sponsors and Investors

At ODS, we understand the importance of connecting good quality renewable projects with sponsors and investors who share our mission and objectives. We believe that sustainable investment plays a vital role in accelerating the deployment of clean energy for our communities. By attracting the right investors who are aligned with our values, we can facilitate the financing and development of renewable technologies that drive the energy transition forward.

By fostering strategic partnerships and facilitating sustainable investments, we enable the rapid deployment of clean energy solutions.

Join us on our mission to empower communities, protect the environment, and accelerate the transition to a sustainable and decarbonized future. Together, we can make a significant impact in creating a greener, more sustainable world for present and future generations..

Next Generation Renewables.
Our Areas of Expertise


Unleash the potential of solar energy

Wind Power

Harness the power of the wind for sustainable electricity generation

Energy Storage

Maximize energy efficiency with cutting-edge storage solutions

Technology Hybridization

Optimize your renewable energy projects through innovative hybridization techniques

Grid Connections Mastery

Seamlessly integrate renewable energy into the existing grid infrastructuren

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Networks

Power the future with fast and ultra-fast EV charging, sourced from renewable energy and supported by energy storage.

Together, let's create a greener future for generations to come.

Join us as we embrace Next Generation Renewables, where our extensive knowledge in photovoltaics, wind power, grid connections, storage, hybridization, and EV charging networks drives the next wave of sustainable energy development.

Decades of Unmatched Expertise

Unleashing excellence in energy development

At ODS, we embody excellence in energy development, boasting a remarkable portfolio of over 30GW across 80 successful projects. Our extensive experience covers every essential aspect crucial to the holistic development of your projects. We have assembled a team of experts proficient in resource analysis, engineering, permitting, interconnection projects, environmental considerations, and fund management.

Moreover, our wealth of knowledge extends beyond project development. With a proven track record in negotiating and securing project financing, overseeing construction, and managing the operational lifecycle of assets, we ensure your projects are set up for long-term success.

Partner with ODS and unlock unparalleled excellence in energy development, propelling your renewable energy initiatives towards a brighter, sustainable future.

Track record in our 20 years of experience

Origination and development of Greenfield projects
Preparation of projects for submission to auctions
Services to projects under development
Services related to construction

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